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April 21-22, 1993
Spring Board Meeting
Reno, NV


April 21

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; Program Status and Priorities

Warner North, NWTRB; Session Introduction

Max Blanchard, YMPO; The DOE Process for Resolving Difficult Issues

Jeremy Boak, YMPO; Climate and Infiltration Issues in Assessing the Suitability of Yucca Mountain

Dennis Williams, YMPO; Integration of the Site Program

Dwight Hoxie, USGS; Integration and Use of Climate and Hydrologic Data and Models

John Stuckless, USGS; Evidence for Past Climate Conditions

Martin Mifflin, Mifflin & Associates,Inc.; The Problem of Converting Precipitation into Infiltration

Alan Flint, USGS; Current and Future Infiltration at Yucca Mountain

Joseph Rousseau, USGS; A Features-based Drilling Approach for Deep Percolation Studies at Yucca Mountain

April 22

Linda Lehman, L. Lehman & Associates, Inc.; Intraval Modeling Conclusions: Addressing Non-Unique Solutions

Jean Younker, M&O; Integration of Data and Models

Edward Kwicklis, USGS; Modeling Flow in Unsaturated Zone Fractured Rocks

Gudmundur Bodvarsson, LBL; Three-Dimensional Site-Scale Model of UZ Flow at Yucca Mountain

Starley Thompson, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Long-Term Climate Modeling

Chin-Fu Tsang, LBL; Confidence Building for Models

Claudia Newbury, YMPO; Qualification of Software

Susan Jones, YMPO; Application of Existing Data

Russell Dyer, YMPO; Deciding When Enough is Enough