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September 14-15, 1992
Panel on Structural Geology & Geoengineering
Las Vegas, NV


September 14

Jeanne Cooper, DOE; Introductory Remarks

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Overview of Task Status

Don DePaolo, University of California at Berkeley; Review of Age - Dating Activity

John Geissman, UNM; Paleomagnetism Studies

Jane Poths, LANL; Cosmogenic Helium Dating Studies

Leslie McFadden, UNM; Soils and Geomorphic Studies - Part I

Steve Wells, University of California at Riverside; Soils and Geomorphic Studies - Part II

Frank Perry, UNM; Petrology Studies: Basalt Cycles

September 15

Greg Valentine, LANL; Physical Processes of Magmatism and Effects on the Repository

Eugene Smith, UNLV; CVTS Volcanism

Mark Martin, UNLV; Structural Control of Basaltic Volcanism in the Northern Reveille Range, Nye County, Nevada

Duane Champion, USGS; New Paleomagnetic and Geologic Constraints: Evaluation of Polycyclic Volcanism in Basalts near Yucca Mountain

Kip Hodges, MIT; Monte Carlo Error Propagation

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Status of Probability Studies

Chih-Hsiang Ho, UNLV; Risk Assessment for the Yucca Mountain High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository Site: Estimation of Volcanic Disruption

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Summary of Lathrop Wells Studies: Progress and Future Direction

John Trapp, NRC; NRC Perspective on Issue of Volcanism