U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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October 14-15, 1992
Meeting of the Full Board
Las Vegas, NV


October 14

Carl Gertz, DOE; YMP Fiscal Year 1993 Budget

David Stahl, M&O; Source Term Concept and Definition

Richard Van Konynenburg, LLNL; Carbon-14 Releases

Ray Stout, LLNL; Overview of Spent Fuel Modeling Concepts

Robert Einziger, PNL; Oxidation Testing of Spent Fuel

Walter Gray, PNL; Dissolution Testing of Spent Fuel

Steven Steward, LLNL; Dissolution Testing of Spent Fuel

John Bates, ANL; Glass Testing and Colloid Evaluations

William Bourcier, LLNL; Glass Modeling

Cynthia Palmer, LLNL; Thermodynamic Database for the Source Term

Thomas Wolery, LLNL; Geochemical Code EQ3/6

Diane Harrison, DOE; Plans for Future Work

October 15

William O'Connell, LLNL; Combining Processes: An Engineered Barrier System Source Term

Michael Wilson, SNL; Source Term for the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)Total System Performance Assessment

Ralston Barnard, SNL; Source Term for the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) Total System Performance Assessment

David Engel, PNL; Source Term for the PNL Total System Performance Assessment

Robert Shaw, EPRI; Source Term in the EPRI Performance Assessment

Richard Codell, NRC; Source Term Model for USNRC Iterative Performance Assessment, Phase 2

Michael Apted, Intera Information Technologies, Inc.; Review of Source-Terms for a Repository in Tuff

Nava Garisto, Beak Consultants, Ltd.; Source Term Overview: A Canadian Perspective

Richard Spengler, USGS; Progress Report on the Detailed Geologic Mapping of the Ghost Dance Fault