U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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March 10-11, 1992
Meeting of the Panel on Transportation & Systems
Arlington, VA


March 10

Ronald Milner, DOE/OCRWM; Repository/MRS/Transportation Schedule

William Lemeshewsky, DOE/OCRWM; Status of Systems Safety and Human Factors Planning

M. Gregory Smith, M&O; Status of Systems Safety and Human Factors Planning

Victor Trebules, DOE/OCRWM; MRS Program Status

Jeffrey Williams, DOE/OCRWM; MRS Design Considerations

Alden Segrest, M&O; MRS Design Process and Status

March 11

Michael Conroy, DOE/OCRWM; Transportation Infrastructure Studies and Site Specific Planning Process

James Carlson, DOE/OCRWM; Transportation Program Update

Ronald Milner, DOE/OCRWM; Transportation Program Update