U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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July 7-8, 1992
Meeting of the Full Board
Denver, CO


July 7

Carl Gertz, YMPO; Update on Major New Work

Dr. James Brune, University of Nevada at Reno; Update on Major New Work

Stephan Brocoum, DOE/OCRWM; Repository Program Convergence Activity

R. L. Robertson, TRW; Update on the Role of the M&O Contractor

William Lemeshewsky, DOE/OCRWM; Introductions and Overview of the Office of Systems and Compliance and M&O Integration

Arthur Greenberg, M&O; Overview of Systems Activities

Raymond Godman, M&O; Overview of Operations Regarding Storage & Transportation Activities

Jean Younker, M&O; Overview of Nevada Site Activities

Robert Sandifer, M&O; Status of Mission 2001 Exercise

Hugh Benton, M&O; Engineered Barrier System

July 8

William Lemeshewsky, DOE/OCRWM; Overview of Systems Engineering Activities

William Bailey, M&O; Update of the Throughput Study

William Hollaway, M&O; Alternative Cask and Canister Concepts for Storage, Transportation, and/or Emplacement

Peter Gottlieb, M&O; Update of the System Implications of the Repository Thermal Loading Study