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January 22-23, 1992
Meeting of the Panel on Structural Geology & Geoengineering
Irvine, CA


January 22

Ardyth Simmons, DOE; Introduction to Seismic Vulnerabilities Discussions

Terry Grant, SAIC; Summary of Seismic Hazards

F. H. Swan, Geomatrix; Update on Midway Valley Trenching

J. S. Phillips, SNL; Effects of Nuclear Tests on Tunnels

Philip Richter, Fluor Daniel; Seismic Vulnerabilities and Seismic Design Issues Surface Facilities

J. L. Merritt, Woodward-Clyde; Seismic Vulnerabilities & Seismic Design Issues: Subsurface Facilities

Richard Quittmeyer, Woodward-Clyde; Site Characterization at Yucca Mountain and Issues Related to Seismic Vulnerability

Ardyth Simmons, DOE; Summary of Presentations by DOE

Dinesh Gupta, NRC; Vulnerability of the Geologic Repository to Vibratory Ground Motion and Fault Displacement: Regulatory Perspective

Jacob Phillip, NRC; Seismic Response of Underground Openings for HLW Disposal

Simon Hsiung, Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses; Seismic Field Studies at Lucky Friday Mine

January 23

David Schwartz, USGS; New Faults

Keith McConnell, NRC; Staff Technical Position on Investigations to Identify Fault Displacement Hazards and Seismic Hazards at a Geologic Repository

Kevin Coppersmith, Geomatrix; Seismic Hazard Studies for the Electric Power Research Institute - High Level Waste Project

Quazi Hossain, Quadrex; Guideline for Seismic Design of a Geologic Repository for High Level Nuclear Waste

F. H. Swan, Geomatrix; Assessing the Potential for Fault Displacement for High-Level Nuclear Waste Repositories

Ken Mark, Bechtel; Waste Repository Surface Facilities

Mike Hardy, Agapito and Associates; Seismic Design Guidelines for Underground Repository Facilities