U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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February 10, 1992
Meeting of the Panel on the Engineered Barrier System
Augusta, GA


February 10, 1992

Steven Gomberg, DOE/OCRWM; Introductory Remarks

Richard Morissette, SAIC; Effects of Thermal Loading on Engineered Barrier System

Peter Gottlieb, TRW; Plan for Study of System Implications of Repository Thermal Loading

Clyde Terrell, DOE-Savannah River; Overview of Waste Management Operations at the Savannah River Site

Clyde Terrell, DOE-Savannah River; Overview of Defense Waste Processing Facility

William Pearson, DOE/SR; Overview of Waste Form Producters Program

John Plodine, Westinghouse Savannah River Company; DWPF Product Qualification Programs

Sharon Marra, WSRC; Overview of Product Control Plan and Glass Samplling Program

John Plodinec, WSRC; Technical Bases for DWPF Glass Product Control Program

William Pearson, DOE/SR; Overivew of Quality Assurance Programs