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September 25-26, 1991
Meeting of the Panel on Transportation & Systems
Arlington, VA


September 25

Ronald Milner, DOE; Transportation Program Strategic Initiatives

James Carlson, DOE; Transportation Program Overview and Priorities

William Lake, DOE; Casks System Development Program

Thomas Sanders, SNL; Spent Fuel Cask Containment

Christopher Kouts, DOE; Human Factors Activities Update

Susan Smith, DOE; OCRWM Transportation Institutional Program

Christopher Kouts, DOE; Overview of Operational Planning Activities

Alan Brownstein, DOE; Contract Waste Acceptance Process

Michael Conroy, DOE; Status of Infrastructure Studies and Results

Ronald Pope, ORNL; Site and Facility Waste Transportation Service Planning Documents

Michael Conroy, DOE; Logistical Planning Activities

Lydia Ellis, Analysas Corp.; TRANSCOM the U.S. Department of Energy's Transportation Tracking and Communications System

Ronald Pope, ORNL; Cask Maintenance Facility: Update on the Feasibility Study

September 26

William Lemeshewsky, DOE; Physical System Functional Analysis

Steven Gomberg, DOE; Status and Implementation of Nuclear Waste Management System Programmatic Functional Analysis

Dwight Shelor, DOE; Requirements Management

William Bailey, TRW; NWMS Systems Analysis and Trade-off Studies

Thomas Woods, Westinghouse; Decision Making