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September 18-19, 1991
Structural Geology & Geoengineering Panel Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


September 18

Carl Gertz, DOE; Project Overview

Edgar Petrie, DOE; Opening Remarks

R.L. Bullock, RSN; Exploratory Studies Facility (ESF) Design Review Status

Bruce Stanley, RSN; Ramp Diameters

Bruce Stanley, RSN; ESF Ramp Gradient

Romeo Jurani, RSN; Preliminary Ventilation Analysis

Bill Kennedy, RSN; Preliminary ESF Excavation Plan

Bill Kennedy, RSN; Underground Transportation Methods

Edgar Petrie, DOE; ESF Phased Construction Approach

Edgar Petrie, DOE; Waste Isolation Approach

Hemi Kalia, LANL; Introduction of Foreign Materials in the ESF

Merton Fewell, SNL; Control of Fluids: The Role of Performance Assessment

Stephen Bauer, SNL; Thermal Structural Effects on Underground Excavations

September 19

Edgar Petrie, DOE; Introduction to Repository Design Features

Michael Voegele, SAIC; Repository Design Reference Configuration as Described in Site Characterization Plan

Michael Voegele, SAIC; Major Repository Design Features Examined During ESF Alternatives Study

Michael Voegele, SAIC; Potential Impacts of Revised Exploratory Studies (ESF) Design on Repository Interface