U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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October 8-10, 2001
Meeting of the Full Board
Las Vegas, NV


October 8

Carl Gertz, DOE/YMPO; Opening Remarks/Project Status

Larry Ramspott, LLNL; Strategic Implications of Heat in a High-level Radioactive Waste Repository

Nils Rydell, SKN; The Swedish Geologic Repository

Gary Simmons, AECL; The Canadian Geologic Repository

Carl Gertz, DOE/YMPO; Historical Perspective of the U.S. Program

Michael Voegele, SAIC; History and Evolution the Repository Concept for a Potential Repository at Yucca Mountain

Tom Blejwas, SNL; Repository Design Considerations

Eric Ryder, SNL; Technical Considerations

October 9

Mike Cloninger, DOE; Uncertainties Associated with High and Low Thermal Loading

Larry Costin, SNL; Geomechanical Uncertainties

Thomas Buscheck, LLNL; Hydrogeologic Uncertainties

Brian Viani, LLNL; Geomechanical Uncertainties

David Bish, LANL; Mineralogical Uncertainties

Gregory Gdowski, LLNL; Waste Form Degradation and Materials Uncertainties

Kent Ostler, EG&G Energy Measurements, Inc.; Biological Resource Concerns

Tom Blejwas, SNL; Repository Design Enhancements

Tom Blejwas, SNL; Repository Testing Considerations

Wunan Lin, LLNL; Near-field Environment Testing Considerations

Gregory Gdowski, LLNL; Waste Form and Materials Testing Considerations

George Danko, University of Nevada; Preclosure Thermal Enhancements

Antony Ivan Smith, Tunneling Technical Corporation; An Overview of Preclosure Ventilation Options

October 10

Mike Cloninger, DOE; Implications of Higher and Lower Thermal Loading