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May 20, 1991
Panel on Risk & Performance Analysis
Arlington, VA


May 20

Russ Dyer, DOE; Introduction to the Mined Geologic Disposal System Performance Assessment Program

Russ Dyer, DOE; Overview of Performance Assessment

Felton Bingham, SNL; A Brief History of Performance Assessment in the Yucca Mountain Project

Russ Dyer, DOE; Use of Performance Assessment in the Mined Geologic Disposal System: Programmatic Aspects

Dave Dobson, DOE; Examples of Performance Assessment Support to Decision Making

Albin Brandstetter, SAIC; Performance Assessment Integration with Site Characterization and Design

Les Jardine, LLNL; Preclosure Performance Assessment

Felton Bingham, SNL; Thoughts of a Model Hierarchy and Modeling Uncertainty

Jerry Boak, DOE; Evolution of Performance Assessment Capabilities: Overview

Holly Dockery, SNL; Pace-90 Overview and Problem Definition

William O'Connell, LLNL; Source Term Development

Maureen McGraw, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Pace-90 Flow and Transport Results

Rally Barnard, SNL; Ongoing and Future Performance Assessment Activities

Michael Wilson, SNL; Total System Analysis

Paul Kaplan, SNL; Using a GWTT Model to Identify Information Needs from Site Characterization

Russ Dyer, DOE; A Summary of the Mined Geologic Disposal System Performance Assessment Program

May 21

Ian Miller, Golder Associates; Golder Associates Effort in Performance Assessment for the Department of Energy

Seth Coplan, NRC; Performance Assessment: An NRC Perspective

Norman Eisenberg, NRC; Performance Assessment Demonstration: Overview

Richard Codell, NRC; Performance Assessment Demonstration: Source Term Model

Tim McCartin, NRC; Performance Assessment Demonstration: Flow and Transport Modeling

Frank Rowsome, FHR Associates; Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants: Lessons and Applications to Performance Assessment

Robert Shaw, EPRI; A High Level Waste Repository Performance Assessment