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March 6-7, 1991
Structural Geology & Geoengineering and Hydrogeology & Geochemistry Joint Panel Meeting
Denver, CO


March 6

David Dobson, DOE/YMPO; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis - Overview and Summary of Results

John Lathrop, Strategic Insights; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis - Multiattribute Utility Analysis

John Robertson, Hydrogeologic, Inc.; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis - Saturated Zone

Dave Dobson, DOE; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis - Programmatic Insights

Russ Dyer, DOE/YMPO; Test Prioritization Task - Recommended Early Activities to Detect Potentially Unsuitable Site Conditions

Steve Brocoum, DOE; Early Site Suitability Evaluation Effort - Background

Jean Younker, SAIC; Early Site Suitability Evaluation - Overview

March 7

Ted Petrie, DOE; Exploratory Shaft Facility Alternatives Study - Introduction

Lee Merkhofer, Applied Decision Analysis; Exploratory Shaft Facility Alternatives Study - Sensitivity Analysis

Al Stevens, SNL; Control of Design Input

Ted Petrie, DOE; Exploratory Shaft Facility Alternatives Study - Resumption of Design Activities