U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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March 26-27, 1991
Panel on Quality Assurance and Panel Structural Geology & Geoengineering
Dallas, TX


March 26

Donald Horton, DOE; Quality Assurance (QA) Overview

Dwight Shelor, DOE; Development of Design Requirements

Ted Petrie, DOE; Overview of Design Control for the Exploratory Shaft Facility (ESF)

Ted Petrie, DOE; Quality Assurance Criteria Applicable to the Design Process

Mike Regenda, Raytheon Services Nevada; Quality Assurance Overview of the Exploratory Studies Facility Design Process

Joe Schellings, SNL; Overview of the Worshop Process

March 27

Dale Wilder, LLNL; Short-Term Recommendations

Bill Steinkampf, Long-Term Recommendations

Les Shephard, SNL; DOE Quality Assurance Software Workshops: Summary of Results and Recommendations

Lary Hayes,USGS; Summary

Beesabathuni Murthy, DOE; The QA Grading Process