U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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March 1, 1991
Structural Geology & Geoengineering Panel Meeting
Tucson, AZ


March 1

David Dobson, DOE; Introductory Remarks

Ron Ballard, NRC; Repository Licensing Considerations

Michael Sheridan, EPRI; EPRI HLW Project Objectives

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Overview of Progress

Frank Perry, University of New Mexico; New Geochemical Data

Eugene Smith, University of Nevada; Plio-Pleistocene Volcanism in the Southern Basin-and-Range Province: Implications for the Proposed High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Brent Turrin, USGS; Comments from Brent Turrin

Duane Champion, USGS; Comments from Duane Champion

Chih-Hsiang Ho, UNLV; Statistical Analysis of Basaltic Volcanism Near the Yucca Mountain Site

Michael Sheridan, SUNYAB; Probability Calculations

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Probability Calculations

John Trapp, NRC; Regulatory Consideration of Volcanism as it Relates to Licensing a High-Level Waste Repository

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Introduction - Consequences and Probability

Greg Valentine, LANL; Scenario Development, Volcanic Processes and Mathematical Models