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June 25-27, 1991
Joint Meeting, Panel on Hydrogeology & Geochemistry and Panel on Structural Geology & Geoengineering
Denver, CO


June 25

Claudia Newbury, DOE; Introduction and Framework of Unsaturated-Zone Studies

Alan Flint, USGS; Characterization of Meteorology

Alan Flint, USGS; Characterization of Infiltration

Alan Flint, USGS; Matrix Hydrologic Properties

Joseph Rousseau, USGS; Deep Borehole Testing for Flow Processes

Gary LeCain, USGS; Air-Permeability Testing Program

U-Sun Park, SAIC; Gaseous and Semi-Volatile Radionuclides

Edwin Weeks, USGS; Physical Characteristics of Air Circulation Through Yucca Mountain

Dale Wilder, LLNL; Effects of Repository Development

June 26

Thomas Buscheck,LLNL; Role of Nonequilibrium Fracture-Matrix Flow in Site Characterization

Al Yang, USGS; Geochemical and Isotope Methods for Determining Flowpaths and Travel Time Using Carbon, Oxygen, and Tritium Data

June Fabryka-Martin, LANL; Isotopic Constraints on Transport Models Based on 36CI Analyses

Barney Lewis, USGS; Summary of Unsaturated-Zone Studies

Claudia Newbury, DOE; Introduction and Framework of Saturated-Zone Studies

John Czarnecki, DOE; Regional Saturated-Zone Studies

Richard Luckey, USGS; Site Potentiometric Level Evaluation

Gary Patterson, USGS; Analysis of Strain Related Water-Level Fluctuations

M.J. Umari, USGS; Multiple-Well Interference and Conservative Tracer Testing

Bruce Robinson, LANL; Testing of the Saturated Zone with Reactive Tracers

Bill Steinkampf, USGS; Hydrochemical Characterization of Water in the Saturated Zone

Dan Gillies, USGS; Summary of Saturated-Zone Testing

June 27

Thomas Blejwas, SNL; Overview of the Rock Mechanics Program

Larry Costin, SNL; In Situ Mechanical Properties Testing

Larry Costin, SNL; Excavation Investigations

Larry Costin, SNL; In Situ Design Verification

Frank Hansen, SNL; In Situ Thermomechanical Properties Testing

Thomas Blejwas, SNL; Summary of the Rock Mechanics Program