U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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April 16-17, 1991
Meeting of the Full Board
Reno, NV


April 16

Gene Roseboom, USGS; Roots of the USGS Yucca Mountain Program

Larry Ramspott, LLNL; Underground Nuclear Explosion Test Locations as Analogs for a High Level Waste Repository

George Birchard, NRC; NRC Natural Analog Research Program

William Murphy, Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analysis; Natural Analog Research at the Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses

Norman Eisenberg, NRC; Natural Analogues and Validation of Performance Assessment Models

J. Russell Dyer, YMPO; Introduction to the YMP Use of Natural Analogues

Robert Levich, DOE/YMPO; International Natural Analogue Program

Mike Shea, University of Chicago; Poco de Caldas Project Study Area

David Curtis, LANL; Natural Analogues and Performance Assessment: A Historic Perspective

Charles Voss, Golder Associates; Intraval Perspective

J. Russell Dyer, DOE/YMPO; Introduction to DOE's Use of "Natural Analogues" in the High-Level Nuclear Waste Program

Julie Canepa, LANL; Role of Analogues in the Radionuclide Transport Program

April 17

Carol Bruton, LLNL; Natural Hydrothermal Analogues

Dwight Hoxie, USGS; Paleoclimate and Hydrology Analogues

Burt Johnson, PNL; Ancient Materials: Analogues for Repository Materials

William Bourcier, LLNL; Natural Analogues for Nuclear Waste Glass

Everett Springer, LANL; Anthropogenic Analogues - Radionuclide Transport at DOE Sites

David Bish, LANL; Natural Analogue Mineral Studies at Yucca Mountain