U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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November 1-2, 1990
Quality Assurance Panel Meeting
Arlington, VA


November 1

John Cantlon, NWTRB; Opening Remarks

Kevin Hooks, NRC; Quality Assurance Requirements for the High-Level Waste Management Program

Don Horton, DOE; Implementing a Quality Assurance Program

Carl Johnson, State of Nevada; State of Nevada QA Program

Nancy Wentworth, EPA; Overview of EPA Quality Program

Don Horton, DOE; Summary Report DOE Quality Assurance Workshops

November 2

Bill Dudley, USGS; Application of QA Requirements for Earth-Science Investigations

Les Jardine, LLNL; Quality Assurance Implementation Experience in the Yucca Mountain Project Technical Activities at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Tom Blejwas, SNL; Implementation of Quality Assurance at Sandia National Laboratories

Dick Herbst, LANL; Quality Assurance Program Implementation at Los Alamos