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November 19, 1990
Transportation & Systems Panel
Reno, NV


    November 19, 1990

    Brad Mettam, Esmeralda County; Presentation to the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Transportation & Systems Panel

    Roger De Hart, Inyo County; Inyo County Testimony on the Transportation of High-Level Nuclear Waste to Yucca Mountain, Nevada

    Daniel Nix, Western Interstate Energy Board High-Level Waste Committee; Testimony to the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

    Ivan Stuart, Nuclear Assurance Corporation; Testimony of Ivan F. Stuart before the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

    Howard Shimon, EEI/UWASTE Program; Statement by Howard Shimon: The Utility Industry's View of the Status of OCRWM's Cask Systems Development Program

    Conan Furber, Association of American Railroads; Testimony of Conan Furber