U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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March 19-20, 1990
Meeting of the Panel on Risk & Performance Analysis and Panel on Structural Geology & Geoengineering
Denver, CO


March 19

Stephen Brocoum, DOE; Programmatic Basis for Design Requirements

Michael Voegele, SAIC; Deriving Site Specific Performance and Design

Thomas Blejwas, SNL; Repository Design Requirements

Thomas Hunter, SNL; Repository Baseline Design

Thomas Blejwas, SNL; Influence of Thermally-Induced Effects on Repository Design

Eric Ryder, SNL; Design Approach Waste Characteristics and Inventory, Areal Power Density, and Layout Development

Thomas Blejwas, SNL; Alternative Designs and Contingency Plan

Steve Frishman, Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects; Site Assessment Methodologies

March 20

Lynden Ballou, LLNL; Waste Package Design Requirements

Leslie Jardine, LLNL; Waste Package Design Approach and Concepts

Lynden Ballou, LLNL; Thermal Analyses - Effect of Spent Fuel Receipt Characteristics

John Nitao, LLNL; Near-Field Thermal Effects

Gary Johnson, LLNL; Waste Container Thermal Analyses

Leslie Jardine, LLNL; Waste Package Design Assessments - Criticality and Structural Analysis