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July 24-25, 1990
Meeting of the Panel on Structural Geology & Geoengineering and Panel on Hydrogeology & Geochemistry
Atlanta, GA


July 24

Stephan Brocoum, DOE; Introduction & Agenda

Maxwell Blanchard, DOE; Management Overview

Russell Dyer, DOE; Introduction

Bruce Judd, DAC; Decision analysis Framework

Steven Mattson, SAIC; Possible Methods to Assess Site Suitability

Russell Dyer, DOE; DOE Perspective

David Dobson, DOE; Introduction and Summary of Analysis Results

David Dobson, DOE;Description of Needed Information and Alternate Strategies

Hollis Call, ADA; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis

Ernest Hardin, SAIC; Overview of the Geotechnical Input

Hollis Call, ADA; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis - Summary of the Model

David Dobson, DOE; Calico Hills Risk/Benefit Analysis - Conclusions and Recommendations

July 25

Edgar Petrie, DOE; Introduction - ESF Alternatives Study

Thomas Hunter, SNL; Overview of ESF Alternatives Study

Aldred Stevens, SNL; ESF Alternatives Study - Options and Supporting Information

Lee Merkhofer, ADA; ESF Alternatives Study - Methodology Development and Pilot Study

Paul Gnirk, RE/SPEC; ESF Alternatives Study - Methodology Implementation and Current Status

Edgar Petrie, DOE; DOE Summary - ESF Alternatives Study