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August 28-29, 1990
Panel on Engineered Barrier System
Pleasanton, CA


    August 28

    Edgar Petrie, DOE; Opening Remards - DOE

    Michael Cloninger, DOE; Engineered Barrier System/Waste Package Strategy Overview

    Leslie Jardine, LLNL; Waste Package Plan Implementation

    Leslie Jardine, LLNL; Waste Package and Engineered Barrier System Alternative Design Approach

    Michael Cloninger, DOE; Waste Acceptance Overview

    Robert Brown, DOE; High-Level Waste Glass Producers Overview

    John Plodinec, Savannah River Laboratory; Defense Waste Processing Facility High-Level Waste Qualification Activities

    Robert Palmer, West Valley Nuclear Services Company; West Valley Demonstration Project High-Level Waste Qualification Activities

    Henry Shaw, LLNL; High-Level Waste Glass Characterization Overview

    William Bourcier, LLNL; Modeling of Glass Dissolution

    Kevin Knauss, LLNL; Experimental Bases for Glass Modeling

    John Bates, ANL; Integrated Glass Alteration Tests

    Raymond Stout, LLNL; Spent Fuel Characterization Overview

    Harry Smith, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Spent Fuel Cladding Degradation

    Robert Einziger, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Spent Fuel Oxidation

    Chuck Wilson, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Spent Fuel Leaching: Hot Cell Tests

    Herman Leider, LLNL; Spent Fuel Leaching: Flow-Through Tests

    Carol Bruton, LLNL; Geochemical Simulation of Spent Fuel Dissolution

    Alan Brownstein, DOE; Spent Fuel/High-Level Waste Data Base Overview

    Richard Walling, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Reactor - Specific Data Base Development

    Karl Notz, ORNL; Waste Characteristics Data Base