U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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April 24, 1990
Meeting of the Panel on Environment and Public Health
Las Vegas, NV


April 24

Gerald Parker, DOE; Overview of Environmental Planning

Wendy Dixon, Yucca Mountain Project Office; Yucca Mountain Environmental Program Management

Wendy Dixon, Yucca Mountain Project Office; Introduction to Field Activity Status Reports

Thomas O'Farrell, Ted Doerr, and Kent Ostler, EG&G Energy Measurements, Inc.; Terrestrial Ecosystems

Otto Moosburner, USGS; Water Resources

Stephen Woolfolk, SAIC; Radiological Studies

Monica Dussman, SAIC; Soils

Grover Prowell, SAIC; Air Quality/Meteorology

Thomas Greider, SAIC; Native American Studies

Lonnie Pippin, Desert Research Institute; Archaeological Resources