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May 16-17, 1989
Panel on Risk & Performance Analysis
Washington, DC


    May 16

    Donald Alexander, OCRWM; Overview of Performance Assessments

    Larry Rickertsen, OCRWM; Flowdown of Regulatory Requirements to the Performance Assessment Program

    Paul Gnirk, RE/SPEC Inc.; Technical Integration of Performance Assessment Program

    Dwight Hoxie, USGS; Performance of Natural Barriers

    Abraham Van Luik, Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Engineered Barrier System Performance

    Felton Bingham, Sandia National Laboratories; Total-System Performance Assessment

    David Michlewicz, OCRWM; Preclosure Safety Assessment

    May 17

    Charles Voss, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories; Methodology for Validation of Models

    Maxwell Blanchard, DOE; Linkage for Performance Assessment to the Site Program

    M.J. Apted, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Pass Program

    Paul Gnirk, RE/SPEC INC.; Performance Assessment of Yucca Mountain in Support of the Comparative Site Analysis

    Felton Bingham, SNL; Potential Impacts of Exploratory-Shaft Facility (ESF) on Waste Isolation

    Thomas Pigford, University of California; Models of Waste Package Behavior in a Repository Environment

    Jean Younker, DOE; Role of Performance Assessment in Prioritization of Site Characterization Program