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December 11-12, 1989
Meeting of the Panel on Hydrogeology & Geochemistry
Denver, CO


    December 11

    Maxwell Blanchard, Yucca Mountain Project Office; Introduction and Opening Remarks

    Alan Flint, U.S. Geological Survey; Characterization of Infiltration

    Alan Flint, U.S. Geological Survey; Overview of Matrix Properties

    Robert Trautz, U.S. Geological SurveyS; Air Permeability Testing-role of Fractures

    Joseph Rousseau, U.S. Geological Survey; In Situ Monitoring - Measuring Fluid-Flow Potential Field

    December 12

    Arend Meijer, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Applicability of Laboratory Experiments

    William Glassley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Overview of Effects of Repository Development

    David Hobart, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Radionuclide Behavior at Elevated Temperatures, Colloid Behavior