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August 21-23, 1989
Meeting of the Panel on Containers & Transportation
Albuquerque, NM


    August 21

    Robert Loux, Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects; Introduction

    Christopher Kouts, DOE; Overview of OCRWM Transportation Program

    Christopher Kouts, DOE;Overview

    Marilyn Warrant, Sandia National Laboratories; Regulations, Codes, and Standards for Cask Design

    Marilyn Warrant, Sandia National Laboratories; Cask Testing

    Ira Hall, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory; Cask Development/Fabrication

    Elizabeth Darrough, DOE;Overview of Operational Planning

    Michael Klimas, DOE; Systems Systems Engineering Approach & Transportation Cask Subsystem

    Ronald Pope, Oakridge National Laboratory; Servicing and Maintenance Subsystem Field Operations Subsystem

    Robert Rothman, DOE; Human Factors Transportation Modal Mix Speciality Services

    David Joy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Routing

    Carl Gertz, DOE; Yucca Mountain Project Transportation Program